Save The Dolphin-Safe Tuna Label!

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A recent ruling by the WTO has put dolphins in the line of fire of inhumane fishing methods. Take action!

Dolphin-safe tuna may not be so "dolphin-safe" anymore. Recently the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled that the dolphin-safe tuna label may be interfering with Mexico's tuna production. The dolphin-safe label implies the tuna isn't caught using methods that can seriously injure or kill dolphins — methods that are banned in US waters but still practiced in Mexico.

Mexico claims it cannot afford to operate strictly under the dolphin-safe classification, and therefore the US standards for tuna shouldn't be as confining as they are. The WTO's ruling means that dolphins are in danger of being wounded or killed simply for higher profits in the tuna fishing industry.

We can't sacrifice the survival of these highly intelligent and inspiring animals merely to broaden trade options. Contact the WTO and ask them to reinstate the validity of the dolphin-safe tuna label.

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The Petition:

Dear WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy:

I am concerned about the World Trade Organization's recent ruling to downplay the importance of the dolphin-safe tuna label.

The label was originally instated because previous methods — such as purse-seining — involved using large nets placed around the swimming dolphins to catch the tuna they're feeding on. The process leaves many dolphins fatally injured or even dead. However, the implementation of the dolphin-safe label saved the lives of countless dolphins.

But Mexico wants the dolphin-safe tuna label downplayed because it says it cannot afford to use only dolphin-safe methods. In response to growing pressure from Mexico, the WTO released a ruling stating the label is more prohibitive than need be. This could mean disaster for the porpoises.

It's simply absurd that the WTO would sacrifice the safety of a magnificent creature for the advancement of trade. Please do not underestimate the importance of the dolphin-safe tuna label and reinstate it's validity immediately.

Thank you.

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The WTO continues to rule against the United States' stringent fishing standards to Mexico's benefit and the detriment of dolphin lives. Tell the WTO that if Mexico can't operate under standards which keep dolphins safe, then they should get out of the tuna fishing business!: