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It's Time For McDonald's To Go Cage-Free

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Tell McDonald's to support animal welfare and choose cage-free eggs.

McDonald's is one of the world's leading restaurants that purchases shell eggs. Because the fast food giant consumes such a large number of eggs, it's time it begins to switch to cage-free alternatives that don't harm the animals, and in turn, consumers.

Currently, McDonald's uses a combination of cage-free and non-cage-free eggs. A general report specified that the corporation would pay only an estimated five cents more if they converted completely to cage-free eggs.

McDonald's can afford to pay five cents more to put animal welfare and human health first. Write to McDonald's asking they do the right thing and convert to cage-free eggs.

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The Petition:

Dear McDonald's executives,

Did you know that in battery cages, hens are given just inches of space to move around? This means that these poor animals not only end up gravely unhealthy due to lack of movement, but they are also forced to exist among their own feces and waste. Sadly, the hens aren't even allowed ample space to lay their eggs.

Are these the types of eggs you would like to eat? It's definitely not what the American public wants, and you should stop using battery-cage eggs immediately.

Cage-free eggs come from hens that are given space to move around, to nest, and to perch. In general these accommodations mean the hens are raised much more healthfully — and in turn, the eggs produced are healthier for human consumption.

For the sake of the hens and humans, please switch to cage-free eggs in all of your food products.

Thank you.

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Victory! In 2015 McDonald's announced that over the next 10 years, they will change completely to cage-free eggs.