Tell the Military: Stop Testing on Animals!

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The US military is still using animals for harmful simulated combat exercises and training. Take action!

It's hard to believe that even as one of the most technologically-advanced countries in the world, the United States continues to use live animals for military testing strategies. The US military uses dogs, pigs, ferrets and rabbits as subjects in harmful and often deadly experiments to simulate combat situations. In one such test, animals are fed lethal chemicals until they die.

These practices are archaic and obsolete—new tests have been developed that don't require the use of live animals. The results of these tests aren't even reliable, as one can never be sure whether their impacts on animals will be the same as those on humans. The fact is, there is no real need to continue harmful experimentation on animals.

Sign the petition asking US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to cease the use of animals in all military testing procedures.

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The Petition:

Dear Secretary Ashton Carter,

I was horrified to learn of the injustices being performed on innocent animals in the name of military testing and experimentation. While I understand the need for research and development with regards to combat and training, I do not see the need to harm animals in the process. With all of the advancements we have made as a nation in technology, weaponry, and health sciences, I find it hard to believe that there aren't alternatives that don't sacrifice innocent animals' lives.

What's more, none of these testing scenarios have ever been proven to accurately represent the effects that such trials would have on humans. It's futile to kill or injure innocent animals without even knowing the efficacy of the experimental methods.

As a concerned animal advocate, I am writing to ask that you put a stop to all harmful military testing on animals. The animals don't deserve this kind of treatment, and there are other ways to conduct your experiments.

Thank you for your time.

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Despite continuing medical advances and a growing number of countries ending their use of animals for training and research purposes, the United States military continues to maim and kill hundreds of thousands animals each year. Tell the U.S. Secretary of Defense to make them abandon this archaic and inhumane practice!