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Stop the Mass Live Pig Burials in South Korea!

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Sponsor: The Animal Rescue Site

Don't allow South Korea to bury their livestock alive in dirt pits!

By January 2011, the South Korean government had murdered over one million pigs who had been affected by a sickness called Foot and Mouth disease.

The pigs weren't slaughtered humanely — they were put into deep dirt pits and buried alive.

Although Foot and Mouth disease can wreak havoc on livestock, rendering them unfit for human consumption, there is no reason these animals can't be handled humanely. Burying them all in a pit of dirt to save money is truly outrageous.

Write to the South Korean embassy in the United States telling them to cease the pig burials and find humane ways to deal with their sick livestock.

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The Petition:

Dear Embassy of the United States Seoul:

I am outraged at your decision to kill millions of pigs in South Korea by burying them all alive.

I understand the concerns regarding the livestock that has been affected by the dangerous Foot and Mouth disease, but doing away with these poor animals by throwing them all into a large pit of dirt and then burying them alive is simply no way to handle the situation.

There are humane ways to deal with this problem. Though they might be more expensive, the circumstances do not warrant cruel live burials.

Please invest time into coming up with humane ways to kill the animals. The international community simply will not stand for your disregard for these animals' welfare.


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