Pigeon Shooting: Another Senseless "Sport"

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No animal should be used as a pawn for senseless human entertainment. Take action!

Pigeons may not be the cuddliest animals around, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve to be treated with the same kind of humanity usually reserved for dogs and cats. In Pennsylvania, hunters hold pigeon shoots in which they capture weak or sick pigeons, release them only feet away, and then begin shooting at them for sport.

Because the birds are already unhealthy and then placed into small enclosures without food or water, they are usually weak and confused when they are released from the cages. They wobble around until they are shot, many of them only injured and then left to die a slow and painful death from their injuries.

No animal should be used and treated like this for human entertainment. Write to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett asking him to address this alarming situation immediately.

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The Petition:

Dear Governor Corbett:

I was very upset upon finding out about the pigeon shoots that are taking place in Pennsylvania. Through research, I've learned that during these events, pigeons released from trap boxes just feet away from the hunters and are then shot.

Even more horrifying, the majority of the pigeons don't die; rather they suffer grave wounds and are either left there to die or picked up by "trapper boys" who then kill them by wringing their necks or stomping on them.

I didn’t think this could be real, but I was wrong. Pigeon shooting is a very real "sport" in which many sportsmen take part each year.

This kind of cruelty cannot be tolerated! Please do something to make sure these — and all animals — in your state are being treated humanely and fairly.

Thank you.

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Pennsylvania continues to conduct cruel pigeon shoots despite the opposition of its own citizens. This inhumane bloodsport is banned everywhere else in the nation, so it's time Pennsylvania caught up! Sign the petition here: http://therainforestsite.greatergood.com/clickToGive/trs/petition/pa-pigeon-shoots/