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Thank HSUS for Standing Against Puppy Mills

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Sponsor: The Animal Rescue Site

Thank the Humane Society for helping to cut out the puppy mill middleman.

By now most of us are aware that most puppy mills in America are cruel and inhumane. They churn out puppies as quickly as possible, raise them in deplorable, sub-standard conditions, and then sell them to individuals or pet stores only then to be sold to the public. All in all, puppy mills do not raise healthy dogs.

The Humane Society of the United States has been unwavering in its quest to eradicate puppy mills — its latest initiative is asking pet store owners to refuse to sell puppies in their stores, with the intention of discouraging puppy mill sales and encouraging rescue adoptions. Stores that comply receive an officially endorsed HSUS sticker to display in their windows.

Stand with HSUS in eliminating cruel puppy mills across the United States.

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Puppy mills are a complex problem demanding a multifaceted solution. Looking for other ways to help? Try one of the other petitions below:


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After much pressure from voters, Missouri eventually passed the Canine Cruelty Prevention Act in an attempt to reverse the state's reputation as a haven for puppy mills.


Revisions to USDA policy now include provisions allowing the agency to credibly enforce a federal ban on puppy mill imports into the US.


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The Petition:

Dear Mr. Pacelle, President and CEO:

As your organization has taught so many, puppy mills are dangerous places. Puppies from puppy mills are raised in sub-par conditions with little freedom to exercise or play. The dogs are often sold in poor health because the breeder's main interest is financial gain.

That's why your Puppy Friendly Pet Stores initiative is so important. Often people don't know that the puppy they're buying comes from a puppy mill. The only way to be sure is to stop the sale of puppies completely. This will encourage rescue adoptions and leave large-scale, commercial breeders with few places to sell their puppies.

The Puppy Friendly Pet Stores initiative is integral to letting people know they aren't supporting a dangerous and unethical trade. Thank you for taking a stand for America's puppies.

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This petition is no longer active. View other causes that need your support.

This campaign is completed, but the fight against puppy mills continues! Pledge to do your part to put puppy mills out of business here: