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Save the Sable Island Seals!

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Sponsor: The Animal Rescue Site

220,000 of Canada's Sable Island seals could be slaughtered this year.

The Government of Canada recently revealed a proposal to slaughter 220,000 grey seals on Canada's Sable Island. The cull, meant to control the seal population, would involve brutally murdering the seals by shooting them in the heads and then taking them to be incinerated.

While controlling the seal population is no doubt necessary for the Canadian fishing industry, there is simply no need to kill these poor animals in such an inhumane and horrifying manner. Sign the petition imploring Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to explore contraceptive options and more humane ways of controlling the seal population.

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The Petition:

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

As a concerned environmental and animal advocate, I am very worried about the potential plan to move forward with a seal slaughter that would murder 220,000 innocent grey seals. I am especially appalled at the manner in which this cull will be conducted. I simply cannot endorse a plan that involves shooting and killing these animals, and then hauling off their carcasses to be incinerated.

While I understand the need for population control in the name of the fishing industry, I do not agree in any way with the tactics that are to be carried out to this end. I believe there are more humane ways to deal with overpopulation. I am writing to ask that you explore other methods of control, such as providing a contraceptive to the mother seals. We can't simply stand by and allow innocent creatures to be harmed in such cruel ways.

Thank you for considering my comments.

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