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Stand with us this National Bird Day to champion the cause of our feathered friends and safeguard their future!

Did you know that nearly 12% of the world's bird species may face extinction in the next century, including a significant number of parrot species1? January 5th marks National Bird Day, a pivotal moment dedicated to the appreciation and protection of these incredible creatures that play a vital role in our ecosystem.

National Bird Day, established by Born Free USA and the Avian Welfare Coalition in 2002, is more than just an annual event; it's a wake-up call to the world about the urgent need to address the challenges birds face globally2.

Why Birds Matter

Birds, known for their beauty, songs, and ability to fly, are not just an aesthetic addition to our world; they are crucial environmental indicators3. Their plight serves as a barometer of ecosystem health and an alert system for detecting global environmental issues.

The Plight of Birds

Unfortunately, the reality for many birds, particularly those in captivity, is far from idyllic. Captivity often fails to meet their instinctual needs, leading to a host of welfare problems, from neurotic behavior to self-mutilation4. The illegal pet trade and habitat loss further exacerbate these issues, putting even more pressure on already vulnerable species5.

Join the Movement: Sign the Pledge

Today, we're asking you to take a stand with us. By signing our National Bird Day Pledge, you're committing to being an active participant in the protection and preservation of birds. It's a promise to be a responsible steward of our planet and a friend to the birds that grace our skies.

Your pledge is more than a signature; it's a commitment to change, a step towards a world where birds can thrive in their natural habitats, free from the threats of captivity and exploitation.

This is your chance to be part of a global movement, to be the voice for those who can't speak for themselves. Take the pledge and ensure that the songs of our feathered friends continue to fill our skies for generations to come.

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The Pledge:

As a steward of our planet and a friend to birds, I pledge to celebrate National Bird Day responsibly and actively. I understand that birds are not just an essential part of our ecosystem, but also magnificent creatures that deserve our respect and protection.

Birdwatching, if done responsibly, allows us to appreciate avian beauty without disrupting their natural behavior. Responsible habitat stewardship ensures that birds have safe environments to thrive, which is crucial for maintaining ecological balance and biodiversity.

Actions to Celebrate National Bird Day:

  1. Educate Myself and Others: Learn about local bird species and share this knowledge with friends and family.
  2. Participate in Bird Counts: Join local bird counting events to help track bird populations.
  3. Create Bird-Friendly Habitats: Plant native species in my garden to provide birds with food and shelter.
  4. Avoid Using Harmful Chemicals: Eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides that can harm birds.
  5. Keep Cats Indoors: Protect birds by keeping pet cats indoors, as they are natural predators.
  6. Use Bird-Friendly Window Treatments: Apply decals to windows to prevent bird collisions.
  7. Provide Food and Water: Set up bird feeders and birdbaths in my yard.
  8. Support Conservation Efforts: Donate to or volunteer with bird conservation organizations, like GreaterGood's program to provide birdhouses, roosting pockets and birdie bells to help our sweet flying friends.
  9. Advocate for Birds: Speak out against habitat destruction and the illegal bird trade.
  10. Practice Responsible Birdwatching: Use binoculars and maintain a respectful distance to avoid disturbing birds.

By committing to these actions, I am not only celebrating National Bird Day but also contributing to a healthier and more resilient environment for both birds and humans. Through collective effort and awareness, we can ensure the survival and flourishing of bird species for generations to come.

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