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Protect Pets — Call For Truth in DNA Testing

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Ensure the safety and accuracy of pet DNA tests—sign and safeguard the future of countless pets and their families.

In a world where our pets are considered family, ensuring their health and wellbeing is a top priority. That's why the recent revelations about the pet DNA testing industry have left us both baffled and concerned.

Imagine sending in a DNA sample for your beloved furry friend, only to receive results that are confusing at best, and misleading at worst.

Take a Stand for Reliable Canine Genetic Testing

Recent investigations have unveiled a shocking reality: human DNA samples mistakenly identified as canine breeds1. This isn't just about quirky mix-ups; it's about the integrity and reliability of genetic testing in the pet care industry.

When companies like DNA My Dog return results claiming humans are part Alaskan Malamute, Shar-Pei, and Labrador, it's clear there's a significant issue at hand2.

The pet DNA testing market, with its $345 million valuation and projected growth, is booming. Yet, the lack of precise genetic codes for dog breeds and the absence of rigorous testing standards raise serious concerns3.

With no current regulation governing canine genetic testing providers, the accuracy and reliability of DNA tests can vary widely4. This not only poses a risk to consumer trust but also to the welfare of our pets. Misinformation can lead to misinformed medical decisions, impacting the quality of life for countless animals.

Our Call to Action

It's time for us to demand higher standards and accountability in the pet DNA testing industry. We need clear, rigorous testing standards that ensure the accuracy and reliability of genetic tests. Transparency from providers about their testing methodologies and error rates is crucial for informed decision-making.

We urge the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection to step in and implement the necessary regulations to protect both pets and their owners. Only through standardized oversight and regular auditing of genetic testing companies can we ensure the welfare of our beloved animal companions.

How You Can Help

Your voice matters. By signing our petition, you're advocating for a future where pet DNA testing is reliable, transparent, and regulated. You're standing up for the countless pets and owners who deserve nothing less than the truth about their genetic heritage.

Join us in calling for change. Sign the petition now and be a part of ensuring a brighter future for pets and their humans.

More on this issue:

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The Petition:

To the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection,

We, the undersigned, are concerned pet owners, veterinarians, animal welfare advocates, and members of the general public who are calling for immediate action to implement more rigorous testing standards for the genetic testing of dogs. The lack of regulation within the canine genetic testing industry has led to a wide variance in the accuracy and reliability of DNA tests, leaving consumers vulnerable to misinformation and potentially compromising the welfare of their beloved pets.

Recent incidents, including cases where human DNA was erroneously identified as canine, highlight the urgent need for standardized oversight in this rapidly growing field. The implications of inaccurate genetic testing are vast, ranging from misinformed medical decisions to misguided understandings of a pet's behavioral tendencies, which can affect the quality of life for both pets and their humans.

We petition the USDA and the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection to:

  1. Establish clear, rigorous standards for canine genetic testing to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.
  2. Mandate transparency from genetic testing providers regarding their testing methodologies, accuracy rates, and error margins.
  3. Implement a system for certifying and regularly auditing canine genetic testing companies to uphold these standards.
  4. Develop a public registry of certified canine genetic testing providers to assist consumers in making informed decisions.
  5. Foster collaboration between genetic testing companies, veterinary professionals, and academic researchers to continuously improve testing practices and technologies.

By enacting these measures, we can safeguard the integrity of canine genetic testing and protect consumers from potentially misleading information. More importantly, these actions will contribute to the well-being of our pets by ensuring that the care and treatment they receive are informed by accurate, reliable genetic information.

A Brighter Future for Pets and Their Humans

The establishment of stringent regulatory standards for canine genetic testing is not just about improving the accuracy of these tests; it's about fostering a deeper understanding and stronger bond between pets and their owners. With reliable genetic information, pet owners can make better-informed decisions regarding their pets' health, behavior, and care, leading to happier, healthier lives for our furry family members.

We urge the USDA and the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection to recognize the significance of this issue and take immediate action to implement these necessary standards. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for pets and their humans.


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