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Stop Brutal Squirrel Killing Contests and Celebrate Our Bushy-Tailed Friends

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Join the movement to protect and appreciate our furry friends on Squirrel Appreciation Day. Take the pledge and ensure a brighter, bushier future for squirrels and our ecosystem!

Squirrels often scurry through our lives, overlooked and underappreciated. Yet, these bushy-tailed wonders are far more than just acrobats in the trees; they are the unsung heroes of our ecosystem. On this Squirrel Appreciation Day, let's uncover the fascinating world of squirrels and learn why they deserve our admiration.

Why Squirrels Matter

These seemingly common rodents play a vital role in our environment. They're not just cute creatures in our parks; they are essential for the health of our forests, urban green spaces, and even our own well-being.

  1. Nature's Gardeners: Squirrels are natural gardeners who help shape plant composition in forests1. Their habit of burying seeds and occasionally forgetting them helps new trees grow, contributing to biodiversity and forest health.

  2. Tree Planters: By storing nuts and seeds in various locations, squirrels unintentionally plant countless trees, enriching our surroundings1.

  3. Mysterious Communicators: Squirrels have a unique way of communicating through their tails and vocalizations, providing insight into their surroundings and interactions2.

  4. Adaptive Survivors: These resilient creatures adapt to urban environments, proving that wildlife can coexist with us3.

  5. Cute but Smart: Research has revealed that squirrels are smarter than we think, showing resourcefulness in finding food and surviving in various conditions4.

Take Action for Squirrels

These playful backyard visitors are facing a gruesome reality in our own backyards. Across the U.S., brutal squirrel killing contests and hunting seasons are not only a reality but an annual occurrence. These merciless events threaten the existence and welfare of these charming and essential creatures.

It's time to take action. You can be part of the solution by pledging to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day and making a difference in the lives of these remarkable creatures.

Join us in honoring Squirrel Appreciation Day and pledge to support these unsung heroes. By taking action, you can help ensure a healthier future for our ecosystems and all living beings. Sign the pledge today and become a champion for these bushy-tailed wonders.

Sign the Pledge

Your commitment can make a significant impact. Sign the pledge to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day and take action to protect these vital members of our ecosystem.

Let's appreciate and protect squirrels, together. Join us in making a positive change for our environment.

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The Pledge:

Pledge to Celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day

I pledge to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day by recognizing the vital role these furry creatures play in our ecosystem. Squirrels are not just fascinating to observe; they are essential to maintaining a healthy environment. Here are ten actions I pledge to take on this day and beyond:

1. Provide Squirrel-Friendly Food: I will place food like nuts, seeds, and fresh water in my garden or outdoor space to help squirrels during the harsh winter months.

2. Protect Their Habitat: I will preserve and plant trees in my community to ensure squirrels have safe nesting sites.

3. Create Wildlife-Friendly Gardens: I will cultivate gardens with native plants, attracting insects and providing natural food sources for squirrels.

4. Educate Others: I will share information about squirrels' importance in our ecosystem and their fascinating behaviors with friends and family.

5. Avoid Harmful Chemicals: I will refrain from using pesticides and herbicides that can harm squirrels and their environment.

6. Advocate for Wildlife-Friendly Policies: I will support and advocate for local and national policies that protect squirrel habitats and the environment.

7. Limit Pet Interactions: I will keep my pets, especially cats, indoors or on leashes to minimize harm to squirrels.

8. Build Squirrel Houses: I will construct or purchase squirrel houses to provide shelter for these creatures, like those from The Animal Rescue Site store.

9. Responsible Waste Disposal: I will dispose of trash properly to prevent squirrels from accessing harmful materials.

10. Enjoy Responsible Wildlife Watching: I will observe squirrels from a respectful distance, avoiding interference in their natural behaviors.

These actions will contribute to a more resilient ecosystem, ensuring a healthier future not only for squirrels but for all living beings. Together, we can appreciate and protect these remarkable creatures and the environment they call home.

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