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Stop Deadly Roads: Save Lives With Wildlife Corridors

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Sponsor: The Animal Rescue Site

Help us turn deadly highways into safe passages for animals and protecting lives across the U.S. — support the construction of wildlife corridors and crossings!

Our roads and highways crisscross through the heart of America's wilderness, creating a silent crisis that affects us all. Every year, over a million vehicle collisions involving wildlife occur in the United States, posing grave risks to human life and our natural world1. The solution is within reach, but it requires your voice, your action. Join us in a united call to build wildlife corridors and crossings across the nation.

The Urgent Need for Safe Passages

Wildlife corridors and crossings are not mere conveniences; they are essential lifelines that reconnect fragmented habitats. These structures—bridges, tunnels, underpasses—provide safe routes for animals, preventing dangerous encounters on our roads2. They are critical for the survival of numerous species and for maintaining the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

The impact of your signature extends far beyond a petition. It's a call to the U.S. Department of Transportation, urging them to prioritize and allocate necessary resources for the construction of these vital structures3. It's a demand for action that can lead to a significant decrease in wildlife-related accidents and a boost in the health of our natural habitats.

By signing this petition, you’re not just supporting wildlife; you're advocating for safer roads, for the preservation of our country's beautiful and diverse fauna, and for a more harmonious relationship between human progress and the natural world. It's a pledge for a safer, more sustainable future.

A Vision of Coexistence

Imagine a future where majestic elk, pronghorn, and other wildlife can move freely and safely, where our roads are no longer death traps for unsuspecting animals4. This future is possible with your support. By backing this initiative, you're helping to ensure thriving wildlife populations and a more resilient ecosystem for all.

Don't wait. Add your name to the petition today. Share this message with your friends, family, and community. Together, let's make a lasting impact on the safety of our roads and the preservation of America's wildlife.

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The Petition:

To the United States Secretary of Transportation,

We, the undersigned, call upon your esteemed office to prioritize and support the construction and maintenance of vital wildlife corridors and crossings throughout the United States. Our petition aims to address a critical aspect of wildlife conservation and road safety that deeply impacts our nation's ecology and its people.

As our nation's roads and highways continue to expand, the natural habitats of countless wildlife species are being fragmented and disrupted. This not only endangers the animals, often leading to fatal collisions with vehicles, but also poses significant risks to human safety. Each year, over a million automobile accidents in the U.S. involve wildlife, leading to substantial costs and ecological disruptions.

Wildlife corridors and crossings, including overpasses, underpasses, and other structures, provide safe passages for animals to cross busy roadways. They reconnect fragmented habitats, allowing wildlife to safely access food, water, mating grounds, and other essential resources. This is not just about reducing the number of wildlife-vehicle collisions; it's about preserving biodiversity and ensuring the ecological balance necessary for thriving wildlife populations.

We urge the Department of Transportation to:

  1. Increase funding and resources allocated for the construction and maintenance of wildlife corridors and crossings.
  2. Collaborate with state and local governments, conservationists, and community groups to identify critical areas where these structures are most needed.
  3. Incorporate wildlife corridor and crossing planning into all future road and highway development projects.

By supporting the development of wildlife corridors and crossings, we can significantly mitigate the adverse impacts of road networks on wildlife. This action will not only ensure the safety of our nation's drivers but also contribute to the preservation and flourishing of diverse wildlife species. A commitment to these structures symbolizes a step towards a more resilient and balanced ecosystem for all.

Your support in this endeavor is crucial for a sustainable future where both wildlife and humans can coexist harmoniously.


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