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Protect Soaring Hawks from Wind Farm Death

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Shield these majestic birds from the looming shadows of wind turbines and carve a path for harmonious green energy development.

In the heart of Washington State, a critical battle unfolds. The proposed Horse Heaven Hills wind farm, once poised to become a beacon of green energy, now casts a shadow over the fate of the ferruginous hawk, an emblem of our natural heritage now teetering on the brink of endangerment1.

A Delicate Balance: Energy and Ecology

Renewable energy stands as our bulwark against climate change, yet its path must be tread with care to ensure the protection of the invaluable life that shares our planet2. The ferruginous hawk, North America's largest buteo, finds itself in the crosshairs of progress, its dwindling numbers a stark testament to the need for conscientious energy development3.

Voices Rise in Unison

Local communities, conservationists, and wildlife experts alike have raised concerns about the risks that improperly planned wind farms pose to the hawks, as well as local ecosystems, property values, and vital firefighting efforts4.

Your Voice Matters

As we stand at this crossroads, your voice holds the power to influence the course of this narrative. By adding your signature to the petition, you champion a future where renewable energy thrives in harmony with our natural world.

Help us advocate for strategic planning that prioritizes "low impact" areas for wind energy development, ensuring the protection of species like the ferruginous hawk. Together, we can urge for stronger enforcement of wildlife protection laws and advocate for wind farms that are not only efficient but also empathetic to the ecological ballet that unfolds beneath their blades.

Sign the petition. Together, we can forge a path that respects the delicate balance of our ecosystem, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

More on this issue:

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The Petition:

To the Governor of the state of Washington,

We, the undersigned, recognize the critical importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources to combat climate change and secure a sustainable future for our state. Wind energy, with its potential to provide clean, carbon-free power, is an essential component of this transition. However, we believe that the development of wind energy projects must be pursued responsibly and in harmony with our natural ecosystems.

Washington State is home to diverse wildlife, including species like the ferruginous hawk, which are integral to our ecological balance. The siting of wind farms without thorough consideration of their environmental impact poses a significant threat to these species. It is crucial that we prioritize strategic planning for wind energy projects in "low impact" areas, where the natural habitat and wildlife are least affected, and where permitting can be streamlined to facilitate responsible development.

We advocate for the proper siting and operation of wind farms and associated equipment in accordance with federal and state guidelines. Stronger enforcement of existing wildlife protection laws, such as the Endangered Species Act, the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, is imperative to safeguard our precious wildlife from unintended consequences of renewable energy development.

The need for stronger oversight in the wind farm industry is clear. Wind energy projects must not come at the expense of our state's wildlife and natural habitats. By implementing comprehensive environmental assessments and adhering to best practices in wind farm siting and operation, we can minimize the negative impacts on wildlife while harnessing the benefits of wind energy.

We urge you, as our Governor, to lead the way in ensuring that renewable energy development in Washington State is both sustainable and wildlife-friendly. By taking these actions, we can secure a brighter, greener future for all residents of Washington, both human and wildlife alike.


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